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Peterborough’s Longest Standing Door Business

The Overhead Door Company of Peterborough is a locally-owned and -operated company proudly serving the residents and businesses of Peterborough and the surrounding areas with extraordinary door systems and door services for over 42 years.

High-Quality, Custom Door Systems in Peterborough

Are you in the market for a stylish garage door that will boost your property’s curb appeal? Or perhaps new door systems are in order to ensure safe and smooth access ways across your commercial or industrial premises. No matter your reason for getting a new door or replacing an old one, The Overhead Door Company of Peterborough is where you get matched with custom overhead door systems in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. We can customize your installations as needed through the use of specialty track options and custom cladding to colour match any structure.


We carry the largest product selection of storage, garage and other door solutions in different styles, types, textures and colours, as well as offer all the door accessories you might need. Our product range is engineered with your convenience in mind and is customized to support your everyday life or operations. Connect with our door specialists to discover everything that The Overhead Door Company of Peterborough has to offer.

Residential Door Systems

Imagine any door style and trust us to customize it to fit your need.

Commercial Door Systems

Take advantage of our largest door selection to find the right door for your application.

Industrial Door Systems

With the right door installed the right way, we make your industrial accessways easy and efficient.

Residential Door Repair

We can install, or repair your home door’s issues quickly before they drive you up the wall.

Commercial Door Repair

From tune-ups to troubleshooting, we keep your doors functioning as they should.

An Experienced Door Systems Provider

Established in 1979, The Overhead Door Company of Peterborough is proud to have the status of being Peterborough’s trusted overhead door company for over 42 years. From our second facility at 871 Webber Ave, we offer one of the widest collections of door systems backed by the shortest lead times, as well as door maintenance and repair services. We attribute these accomplishments to our tremendous growth resulting from business expansions at three major fronts - product line, building size, and staff. As a result, we have evolved into an innovative company capable of meeting all needs you may have at your home, cottage or place of business.

Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals is experienced in meeting our customers’ specific door needs to provide the right-fit solution for home improvements, residential projects, and commercial door applications. To provide a one-stop service experience, our solutions also involve obtaining specialty products for our customers. These include shipping/receiving systems, gates, security, fire protection, pest/insect control, weather seals, freight doors, freezer doors, and more.


Since our inception as an overhead door company, we have built an exciting project portfolio catering to a diverse clientele base. Likewise, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Ready for Overhead Doors?

Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation with one of our overhead door experts.

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