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Top-of-the-line Industrial Door Products in Peterborough

At The Overhead Door Company of Peterborough, we understand that most industrial doors are required to take a beating as they stand up to harsh weather conditions and daily wear and tear. For highly demanding industrial situations, we offer the perfect industrial door products in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Our high-quality industrial door solutions are not only reliable and hard-wearing but can also increase safety on the premises and save energy.


Our line of industrial products is safety-tested and performance-tested to help keep your site moving by preventing downtime and unnecessary repair needs. In addition to doors, operators and access solutions, we are committed to offering dependable expertise you seek to keep your door systems functioning. We are skilled in installation, repair, and maintenance as well as support you with key industry knowledge to build a great service experience with us. If you are looking to buy overhead doors or urgently need door repair services, give us a call.

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Industrial Door Solutions

We offer sturdy door systems for interior or exterior industrial applications.

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