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Tried and True Door Services in Peterborough

Your overhead doors are a composition of different moving parts, and trouble with just one part can cause your entire door system to shut down. When you need experienced and reliable door repairs in Peterborough and the surrounding areas for commercial or residential door troubles, we are at your service.


Our reliable door repair and maintenance services are available for all makes and models of residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors, operators, and accessories. Our 42 years of experience in the industry working with different systems has made us confident that we can take on your urgent door service needs. Our team has a keen sense for quickly diagnosing the problem and fixing it, restoring your door function to normal without significant downtime. Give us a call to request an urgent door service or for more information.

Close-up view of two adjacent garage doors

We Also Repair, Maintain, and Service the Following

Truck doors

Rolling steel doors

PVC strip curtains

Crash doors

Air curtains

Rolling security grills

Sliding security grills

High-speed fabric/rubber doors

All fire-rated rolling steels and shutters

All dock systems (including seals, restraints, dock plates and bumpers)

Counter shutters/shutters

In addition to this, we conduct drop tests for all fire-rated shutters. Personalized maintenance programs are also available to help reduce repairs costs and prevent untimely breakdowns. In every service call, our technicians carry a diverse variety of door parts on their trucks and can usually make repairs to standard equipment on the site.

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In Need of a Repair?

We do everything from repairs to regular maintenance and part replacement.

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